Account Takeover Via Modifying Email ID — Codeigniter Framework Through 3.0.0

  • User Authentication (User Login)
  • Access Granted by Level / Role — Vulnerable Feature
  • Access Granted by Role Group — Vulnerable Feature
  • ACL for Finer Controlled Permissions
  • Limits Failed Login Attempts
  • Limits Login to a Single Device (Default)
  • Deny Access by IP (Requires Local Apache Configuration File)
  • Persistent Login (Remember Me) (Turned Off by Default)
  • Forgotten Password and Username Recovery
  1. BurpSuite
Login Page
  1. There are two account and
  2. Attacker can log in with account and He got an page to select role of the user.
User Role After Login
Attackers Email ID with Response.
Victim Email ID with Response.



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Vishal Bharad

Vishal Bharad


Penetration Tester, Bug Bounty Hunter, Security Researcher