Stored XSS in — $5000

XSS fired in Settings >> Browser All Versions.
  1. Go to Page/Keynotes or
  2. Create Pages or Keynote with the name XSS payload “><img src=x onerror=alert(0)>
  3. Send this to the user or collaborate with any user.
  4. Then go to the pages, make some changes and save
  5. again, go to the pages and go to Settings >> Browser All Versions.
  6. After click on Browse All Versions. XSS will trigger
  1. I reported to Apple on 7th August 2020
  2. They reviewed the report, steps to reproduce, and POC(Video).
  3. Rewarded $5000 Bounty on 9th Oct 2020



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Vishal Bharad

Vishal Bharad


Penetration Tester, Bug Bounty Hunter, Security Researcher